The Farm at Prophetstown

3534 Prophetstown Rd, Battle Ground, IN 47920


The Farm at Prophetstown is a non-profit organization operating 100 acres of land within Prophetstown State Park in West Lafayette, Indiana. The Farm is dedicated to offering a range of unique experiences on all aspects of 1920s farm life and agriculture. Our purpose and mission is to educate visitors about historical agriculture practices and the homesteading arts. The Farm offers a tranquil, humble experience where visitors can enjoy the serenity of simpler times and preserving memories while making new ones. 

Not long ago, family farms covered the landscape in America.  1920s farmsteads were once the livelihood for nearly half of the population in the midwest.  With machine modernization, commercial farming over time took the place of horse plowed fields, heirloom gardens, livestock getting fed by hand, and free ranging chickens.  Come visit our working farm, participate in one of our weekly events through the summer, and purchase beef, pork, or eggs fresh from The Farm.

The Farm at Prophetstown Upcoming Events

INformation Center


3534 Prophetstown Rd, Battle Ground, IN 47920


Open seven days a week from 10 am to 5 pm

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