Wolf Park is excited to be an INnovator member of INfields and we hope to welcome you to our pack in the future!

Wolf Park has thrived in Battle Ground for over 50 years as a popular destination for people from all over the world who seek to learn more about wolves, their critical roles in our environment, and conservation of Indiana wildlife. But even with our 20,000 + visitors a year, we know there are many more people we would like to introduce to our ambassador animals and the valuable lessons they can teach us.

INfields is a great way for us to reach more people by working with other educational non profit organizations that also operate out of the fields of Indiana. The networking provided by INfields allows us to fulfill our mission with a larger audience, as well as give our guests suggestions of other unique, quality adventures while they visit our rural area. In the short time we have been members, we have welcomed many visitors who heard about us through the informal connections we have made in the early stages of planning INfields.

Our programs at Wolf Park focus on the role of wolves in creating and maintaining a healthy ecosystem. The cultural offerings of rural Indiana can also be thought of like an ecosystem – one that needs diverse partners working together to flourish. Wolf Park believes that INfields is essential to our cultural “ecosystem” and our future growth, and we look forward to sharing more about the impact INfields has on us in the coming months.

Karah Rawlings, Wolf Park Executive Director